Wednesday, May 1, 2019

William Antes

      William Antes was born in 1735. He worked in Philadelphia for a period of time, and moved to Northumberland County in 1781. There are only 4 pieces by his hand that have been published, to my knowledge. The original rifle had a 47" barrel. I chose to use a 44" barrel, and scale down the rifle to match.
The Lancaster patch box, truncated C scroll, and "Bucks County" curve serve to make this piece unique amoung the rifles coming from colonial America, as well as a graceful, well balanced shooter. It features a 44" Rice 50 cal barrel, Chambers "Dale Johnson" lock, and sand cast butt plate and trigger guard taken from patterns from the original. Available for $3500.00



Tow worms available in 8-32 or 10-32, either single end @ $40 or double worm-ball puller @ $75.  Contact @

Currently available

                       This Bucks County smooth rifle features a 46", 20 gauge round barrel, stocked in
                        stump cut sugar maple, with a customized Chambers deluxe Siler lock. Weight 6.5


Christian Spring after Andreas Albrecht

This rifle qualifies as a one of a kind piece. The 58 caliber barrel was copied from an original taken from a 1760s rifle. The lock, also patterned from an original of the same period, was built using a Chambers "gun builders lock", and custom cock, frizzen, pan and frizzen spring. All lock internals are standard parts from Jim Chambers. The butt plate and trigger guard were sand cast, and the ramrod thimbles are made with "stepped" inside diameter, yielding a continuously tapered ramrod. Stained with aqua fortis and finished with leaded linseed oil, this "slightly antiqued" piece contains the best features of period gunsmithing.  Available for $5500.00