Sunday, October 21, 2012

I made the bag from veg tanned calf hide, and it is all hand stitched. I made the Berks screw tipped horn at a horn workshop with Art DeCamp. The measure is from some antlers I had in the shop, and the knife was made by Charlie Wallingford. The set is based on an original.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jacob Dickert

I have always liked this rifle of Dickert's, and so I decided to copy it as an addition for my display table. The rifle features a 41" barrel, customized lock including the cock and lock plate, custom made double set triggers, and sheet brass patch box and ramrod thimbles. I tried to capture the "flavor" of the original, as well as it's ease of handeling and balance. I would be glad to build you one just like it, just give me a shout!....Thanks...Dan

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cased pistol with accouterments

All items, including the case, were made in my shop.
The pistol is based on Wm. Henry's "Nazareth". It is trimmed in sterling silver and stocked in Ohio walnut. The cleaning rod and round patch box are cocobola. The turnscrew is O-1 tool steel handled with ivory. The powder flask is brass over copper, and throws 25 grains. The oil vessel is brass. The case is quartered oak, and lined with English baize wool. I can provide you with any of the items in this set, or a custom lined case for your pistol. Feel free to call anytime.     Dan