Monday, October 31, 2011


An original 18th century horn with nice patina. The natural color is greenish brown, and the strap is linen. The butt is 3 1/2" across, and the spout is nicly facetted.  Horns like this were common working horns, and this one has been "sealed" so it can be used again.
This is my favorite hunting outfit. The bag was made by my friend Joe Mills, and the knife by Charlie Wallingford. The original horn has a very unique plug. It was turned with a long diameter to match the horn, seperated by a deep vee groove.
I also make bags and horns. This set features a horn I copied from an original, with the facetted spout extending back into the body. The bag is sewn with a saddle stitch, and lined with red wool. All buckles are antiques from old harness. The knife came from Curt Lyles.